Service Learning at Tuna Puna Government Secondary School




Today we had the opportunity to complete a service learning project here in Trinidad we arrived at the Tuna Puna Government Secondary School. As a group were asked to sit down with high school students and encourage them to pursue a college education. The experience was very rewarding because the students shared a common long term goal; which was to attend college and pursue careers they were passionate about. In addition to establishing their careers they want to return home to Trinidad and rebuild their communities with education and financial resources.  Even though the students were young they had concrete goals and they were very articulate. We were able to have both intellectual and personal conversions with the students the conversation content was diverse topics ranged from family dynamics to politics.




One girl we spoke with was named Nicola Carter she is fourteen years old; Nicola aspires to be a heart surgeon and plans on pursuing her college education at Harvard University. Nicola’s passion for medicine and health care began when one of her best friends became very ill and provided remedies to heal her friends pain. It was very inspiring to see the value of education and future endeavors at such a young and these are the things that guided the conversations and interactions with the students.  









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