A Different World: Customs and Currency Exchange


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As students that attend an American university it was different to be the immigrant in another country because our campus usually focuses on international reach. Being in a country where we are considered the international students, going through the airport it was intimidating to be interrogated by the employees at the airport. As we were leaving the airport one student was stopped by the airport customs because he had a camouflage backpack in his possession, he was told that it was considered a criminal offense in Trinidad to wear camouflage because it is considered a sign of disrespect to the military here in Trinidad.

When coming to a different country, we suggest that people to do their research prior to visiting the country. We learned that it’s important to research the exchange rates averages, how much items cost, transportation and etc. For example, when we went to the bank on the University of West Indies campus in Trinidad to exchange money, we were confused about the exchange rates. At the hotel, the exchange rate was higher than the one on campus, but the hotel told us that the exchange rates were cheaper at the hotel.


International Exchange