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Uniquely Represented Student Leadership Conference




The purpose of this conference is to present students with an opportunity to connect and understand the perspective of students that are members of under represented groups such as African Americans, Hispanics, Arabic, etc on the campus of Western Kentucky University. This conference will provide students with resources needed to succeed in academics, develop networking skills, while enhancing personal growth. 



 Conquering Fears

Everyone has at least one fear that they feel like they can never get over and that’s no different for the officers of the Uniquely Underrepresented Leadership Conference. Fears ranged from jumping off a rock into the Argyle waterfall in Tobago to fear of heights. These fears served as a hurdle for students to accomplish all they could, but they pushed their fears to the side and faced them head on.

Eppiphanie said she was scared to jump into the waterfall because she had the fear of the unknown.

“The process was quite intimidating which was climbing the rocks and the hardest part was jumping off the rock,” she said.

She pushed her fears to the side and jumped in. The result of overcoming her fear was fun and liberating. By facing her fears it will help her to step out of her comfort zone and go after what she really wants rather it be a competitive job or title.

Eppiphanie was not the only one with fear sanding between her and her full potential.




Jasmine, co-chair of the URLC serves as a liaison to students and university administrators.  She overcame her fear of heights by zip lining. This experience gave her the opportunity to get out of her comfort zone and overcame her fear by taking the initiative to.

Jasmine reminded herself that she was capable of overcoming her fears. During the process, she had to motivate other students and encourage herself to remain positive. By motivating others and pushing herself she will lead other students to great leadership positions.