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10 Things We Have Learned in Trinibago



1. Trinidad has an asphalt lake called Pitch Lake, which is made up of natural gases and minerals
2. Carnival is bigger in Trinidad than Tobago based on their size.  
3. Cashews come from a fruit and the cashew is actually a seed
4. Pitch Lake has natural fires that happen every dry season because of the mixture the sun and gases.
5. According to Angostura Factory their rum started off as a pain medicine.
6. The five ingredients for Angostura Rum are imported separately and are secret. 
7. The Angostura Factory labels don’t have to go through customs because they’re so traditional.
8. Fort King George, Tobago’s preserved historical site, has canons from World War II.
9. College students don’t have to pay for school and their Student Government officers get paid.
10. Gasparee Cave is naturally made and there are myths in the cave. For example, if you look closely around the cave you can see Michael Jackson, a man’s face with leprosy and more.